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Are you facing these Challenges?
1. Not enough quality leads generated
2. Leads generate from Facebook are low quality, wasting money
3.  Family and friends buying properties from strangers instead of you
4. Need to grow team but have limited budget and resources
5.  No time to learn how to launch and monitor Facebook advertisements
6. Don't know how to use social media to generate business
7.  Where to start?!
The 5 Step solution is here
generate 45 leads in minutes without buying ads

What are friends for?  A friend in need is a friend indeed.  However, can our friends help us if they did not know what business we are doing?  Out of the hundreds or thousands of friends you have, how many have bought properties from you and team?  If you have 500 friends, do you have at least 5%  (that's 25) of them buying from you or sending you buyers?  NO?!! Gosh it only means they are buying from someone else and most like they are your competitors, right?

Why don't we change that?  Here's a whole strategy explained briefly in five steps.  These five steps will make a major difference in your real estate career, both helping you to close more sales and recruit more into your team.
In the sales funnel, without spending a cent, add a new layer of funnel.  This layer is your family and friends who already have a relationship with you and trust you.  

1.   Identify your target market
2.  Build your unique personal image and brand that attracts automatically
3.  Increase your friends and followers who actually cares about you
4.  Multiple your engagement rates
5.  Turn engagements into results

Sounds simple, how do you do it effectively?

Marcus Teoh
Marcus was once a disaster.  He started his full time entrepreneurship journey selling branded handbags in 2010, he thought he made it when business grew significantly in 2011.  Customers would queue up three hours just to buy handbags in Singapore Expo. Then things started to fall apart when competition kicked in, Malaysian ringgit weakened and suppliers started to supply fake branded handbags.  While his handbag business ended in 2015, he has learned how to market his business online with zero budget.

In 2016, he was at rock bottom. He started a training business after closing down his handbag business. As a new trainer, he did not have enough customers.  Business was failing and eventually his relationship with his fiance also ended.  He however, boldly committed to publishing his book on entrepreneurship despite all major setbacks.

With his zero budget Facebook marketing strategies, his first book made it to MPH Bookstore's Top 10 Bestseller for 21 weeks and also 2017 Best Business Nominee alongside books by Richard Branson, Jack Ma and Tony Fernandes!  Today Marcus is a prominent Facebook marketing trainer and speaker in Malaysia, especially in training real estate agents.  He has also spoken in U.S.A. and Singapore and soon Saudi Arabia.

45 Leads from 1 Post, zero ads
Marcus Teoh
Marcus speaking to 400 Quantity Surveyors at International Surveyors Congress organized by the Royal Institute of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM) in Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
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DIDN'T anyone tell you?
You are invited to a house warming party, your best friend just bought a brand new condominium unit worth RM800K.  He is so happy that he recommended two more of his friends and he is now neighbour with his two friends.  This is the same project that you have been promoting the past few months.  Your best friend did not realize that you are selling this condominium.  This could have changed if you have made used of Facebook to remind all your friends about your property business.  While this is a true story, let's never let this happen to you!  

Did you know you have a large untapped network where you can immediately harvest?  Did you know that there are few hundred people or maybe even thousands who already know you, like you and trust you? They just did not know that you could use some referrals to buy your properties.  

This group of people is known as FACEBOOK FRIENDS!  

You could get them to contribute to your business success if you are willing to do things a bit differently on Facebook.  You don’t need any technical skills, just a smart phone and an open mind with a Facebook Account that you can login.

MPH Best Business Nominee
MPH Bookstore, Malaysia's largest English bookstore chain's Best Business Nominee is an annual recognition awarded to the TOP 10 Best Business Books for the year.  The results are judged primarily on book sales. 

Marcus Teoh's "Now or Never" was nominated.  Now or Never was also on Weekly Top 10 Bestseller List for a total of 21 weeks.

This success came from his marketing strategies using just his personal Facebook Account.  Not a single paid ad was placed.  He achieved this feat with zero marketing budget and is sharing his strategies in his classes.

Testimonials from Real Estate Negotiators
" The BIGGEST mistake you can make in Facebook Marketing is being too focused on Facebook "
- Marcus Teoh -
Top performers from PropNex being coached by Marcus Teoh on Zero Budget Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Negotiators

486 Engagements, 465 Comments and 142 Shares without paid ads

373 Engagements, 242 Comments and 133 Shares without paid ads

Marcus Teoh @ iProperty's Home & Property Fair, Mid Valley Megamall
Marcus shared how property sellers and buyers could learn to use Facebook and social media to save time and reduce cost
2019 Property Outlook Sharing on #ZBFM
Marcus sharing with real estate professionals at 2019 Property Outlook with Ishamel Ho, Ho Chin Soon, Adzman Ariffin and more!  Event organized by Starfish Training and offered CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points.
Facebook marketing
Zero Budget Facebook Marketing #ZBFM for real estate professionals is a one day hands-on, fun filled and intimate workshop.   You will be introduced to the Top 10 highest engagement posts on Facebook and how to use them to attract property buyers.  

You will be guided by the Top 10 posts real estate professional should share on Facebook, revealed by a director of a reputable property agency, a #ZBFM graduate?  After the workshop you will have continuous content as long as you are still active in real estate.

You will also learn how to be the leader/expert in a particular niche market, whether it is by location or property types via the 12 client demographics.  Once your target audience is identified, you can maximize your exposure with Facebook's See First, Live Event, and WeFie features and many more to increase your followers.
When you have large number of followers, you apply the #MEMEPO formula that helps drive up your engagement at least 2X to 10X! Upon closing sales, you will learn how to get powerful testimonials from your clients, post on Facebook and tap into your clients' circle of friends.

Learn also how to attract high net worth clients by connecting and engaging them, even without sharing about the property you are selling 

From the hands-on exercises, you are expected to build a strong personal brand by sharing nine types of photographs.  The strategies when applied will lead you to receiving business from the renovator, the insurance agent, the lighting guy and even the security guard.

#ZBFM workshop does not teach you how to run Facebook ads.  You can pay for ads but this workshop's focus in "Zero Budget".  

Below is an example of ZBFM's past participant Ryan Lee, real estate consultant who generated 127 shares on his Facebook!
Graduates from ZBFM:
Stacey Lwin, MDRT Financial Consultant, Singapore
Kid Chan, International Celebrity Photographer, Malaysia's Top 100 Most Influential LinkedIn Personality
Eric Koh, Founder of My Filter Distribution
What will you receive?
  • 1-Day Zero Budget Hands-On Workshop (9:30am – 5:30pm)
  • Official Certificate of Completion
  • Workbook with exercises 
  • 30-Day Online Facebook Closed Group and WhatsApp Mentoring/Follow Up Session worth RM4,750 
  • 2-hour Face to Face follow up session worth RM3,750
  • Autographed copies of Bestselling Book “Now or Never” worth RM667
  • Top Zero Budget Online Marketing Tools saving you thousands, worth RM299
  • 5 Episodes of Zero Budget Facebook Marketing Videos worth RM99
If you have a team:

Minimum 15 pax X RM1,650 = RM24,750

* 50% non-refundable deposit to lock training date
*Fee not inclusive of food and beverage, venue, projector, mic and flip charts rental
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